Who is Cheryl Swanson?


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Well, since you asked…I’m an investment writer with Seeking Alpha Pro and Motley Fool.   That’s in my spare time. To pay the bills, I write books. Six have been published, ranging from thrillers to cancer survival, to medical management and technology. And yeah, I’ve even won some awards for them.

My next book is “Killing Paradise,” which is a total slam-bang hoot of a murder mystery. Trust me, you’ll love it. In fact, send me an email at sandbetweenmyfingers@gmail.com, and I’ll make sure you’re  notified when it comes out.

Enough.  Home is paradise–aka the northernmost Hawai’ian island–and I’m heading out for some R&R.  As for you–wherever you’re headed in life, make sure you have as much fun as possible getting there. So get cracking!



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