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A MUG’S GAME is set in San Francisco, that plastic city of manufactured desires and frenzied hook-ups. The timing is our modern jacked-in era, where isolation is a default state, and everyone seems more plugged in to their computers than to other people. Jimmie meets Greta through a videogame that quickly becomes more compelling than his real-life existence. As the game advances to the virtual reality realm, it becomes mind-blowingly realistic. And there’s only one rule: kill or be killed. The killing is all for fun though. Nothing but a dark and thrilling digital fantasy. Yeah, right. When what little family Jimmie has left gets involved, he faces a devastating realization, and a decision that will shake the foundations of his existence. Provocative and unpredictable, A MUG’S GAME is part noir mystery and part techno-thriller. Get ready for a killer game and a killer ride. The Audience: A MUG’S GAME is suitable for anyone interested in how crazy life can get, and how impossible things are possible after all.


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