A Mug’s Game

Dear Friend,

My latest book, “A Mug’s Game” is live in the Kindle Store and available to purchase here. The print version will be out by Christmas, 2015. Hope you enjoy the read,  and if you have time, I’d greatly appreciate an Amazon review. Thanks!

Story: Jimmie Barlow, quite possibly San Francisco’s most brilliant teenage boy, has fallen for a woman with a plan. After she lures him into a virtual reality game, Jimmie realizes he’s stepped into a world that blurs the line between fantasy and reality–a world where the woman he loves wants him to commit murder.

A few reviews:

 If you like rapid-fire pacing, dialog that crackles and an utterly authentic, memorable protagonist, you will love this book!” – Sonny Lawson

“Swanson is a great storyteller.” -Foreword Magazine

A Mug’s Game is about a deadly serious situation, but it’s also wickedly funny. – Bret Chatham

The first-person narration draws in the reader with its darkly confident tone. We see the story through the eyes of Jimmie Barlow, a complex character who’s at once sardonic and caring – immersed in the world of violent online gaming, yet a sweet, giving uncle to his beloved niece Suzie. It’s his love for the little girl that draws him into real-world violence, and soon he’s in over his head – and so is his family. As the tension builds, “A Mug’s Game” becomes a mystery inside of a whodunit, with unexpected twists and turns. Author C.D. Swanson has written a winner. 

Each time I put this book down I could not wait to get back to it, and a thrilling life and death game in San Francisco. Before I finished the first chapter it was obvious that the writer is skilled and talented.

Writing in the very difficult first person singular, Swanson has created a thriller masterpiece. She has done an extraordinary job of climbing inside the mind of a brilliant seventeen year old male, and has managed to convey his thoughts, emotions and contemporary vocabulary, while simultaneously telling a great and exciting story.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and look forward to reading the sequel. -Richard Bunning, Author



When a shocking murder occurs on a mega-yacht belonging to one of the richest men in San Francisco, the cops are hot on seventeen-year-old Jimmie Barlow’s trail. Soon Jimmie is forced into a position he never dreamed possible—deciding whether he can sacrifice his future to save his family.


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