What I’m up to this week–Took a call from Dr. Peter Maag, CEO of CareDx, and…


Just spoke with Peter Maag, CEO of CareDx (yeah, the top dogs call me once in a while). They’re usually interesting, so I take these calls.

Here’s the gist. Peter has an interesting new sequencing/diagnostic test company in Brisbane, Care Dx. They did their IPO back in 2014. (Hot back then, but struggling on the market since. High 10.12 on Sept. 2014, Low: 4.18 May 20, 2016.) Their focus in the transplant market–heart, kidney–and their product(s) sound terrific. Reimbursement is an issue, but at least we’re not talking the usual zero revenue early stage biotech.

Their cash burn is high–that’s the big gotcha. Not spending any more time on evaluating them right now, but I’ll be tuning in on their upcoming earnings, and keeping an eye on them.